Piano Repair Service – Charlotte, NC

Piano repair or restoration refers to any and all structural, mechanical, or cosmetic work conducted on a piano. A piano is an intricately designed instrument that’s far more complex than one might assume at first glance. Each component needs to work together in proper harmony. Even a simple issue, such as a few notes not playing or a few keys sticking, can require extensive parts replacement or repairs. If you think you’re in dire need of piano repair services, contact us today. Our registered piano technician is ready to provide you with stellar service at your convenience.

Our Piano Repair Services for Grand Pianos and Upright Pianos

  • Broken strings that require splicing or replacing
  • Sticky keys
  • Action parts that are floppy or behaving sluggishly
  • Instrument cleaning
  • Fractured key sticks
  • Glue joint failure
  • Hammer reshaping
  • Determine the source of various noises, including buzzing, rattling, groans, clicks, and more
  • Problem hammer shanks
  • Malfunctioning notes
  • Artist bench problems
  • Pedal repair issues
  • Damper troubles
  • Cleaning of interior, soundboard, and plate
  • And more

As a registered piano technician licensed by the Piano Technicians Guild, Joseph D. Gotta has extensive knowledge of piano repair for models of all kinds. Having passed a series of rigorous examinations in regards to providing piano repair services, he has received the industry seal of approval. But his work is not yet done—an RPT continues to hone their skills and training over time. Rest assured that when you rely on A 440 Piano Service for all your repair needs, your piano is in the care of a trusted piano repairman.

Note that we do not handle finish repairs. Repairing scratches, dents, dings, and other scuffs is a specialized service we do not provide, though we may be able to give you a referral based on the type of damage. We also do not provide service to digital pianos.


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For service in Charlotte and surrounding areas contact:

Joseph D. Gotta
(704)563-8230    Landline Only/No Texts
7701 Gayle Avenue  Charlotte, NC  28212-7131
jgotta@gmail.com Scheduling by phone only.

To find an RPT in another area, contact the Piano Technicians Guild

Online at www.ptg.org
Call at (913)432-9975